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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CW  July 29, 2012 8:30am-9:30am PDT

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they've been kicked out of the south bay park once before the homeless campers police affairs responsible for fires and garbage and petty theft. one of the oldest area marijuana clubs is forced to shut down a wide u.s. attorneys and the owners with jill time. voting rights to the heart of a new legal challenge the debate over the photo id requirements at polling locations. thanks for joining us this morning. welcome to the c. w. network with a lot of news to cover the next hour but first of developing new story. an amber alert in effect right now for a teenage girl from monterey county.
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she's from san are no 16 years old or working and getting a picture of her right now but we know she's five-foot five with 1 1/3 pounds and last seen wearing a blue and white shirt pink jacket the jeans and sandals. the suspect is what miguel salazar jr. one of 55 ft. 8 in normally wears eyeglasses and of looking for a blue chevy tahoe with a license plate number of six and w 54124. new questions about party bus safety following a deadly accident in santa clara county. and the 25 aluminum fell out of the bus and got run over and died in lost status on friday as the bus was headed south on highway 17. the people returning to santa cruz from a concert in mountain view. two women were fighting and the door of the bus can open and the woman fell out and got another.
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there were 12 to 15 people on board officers say many of them were intoxicated and some of them even got off of the bus and ran away after the fatal accidents. investigating whether there was underage drinking in a state assemblyman is very concerned. greta they could've involved and the other driver the could of swerved and the good of to a lot of and as the people on the road. jerry hill has proposed legislation that would put restrictions on party buses that allow alcohol and provide rides to close the bay area and is reporting this morning the victim was named natasha her parents on the popular pacific wave surf shop in santa cruz. in eight year-old girl and a man recovering to finish shooting in son of a home on franklin avenue when a car stopped in front of the house and a man got the car and fired two rounds into the house.
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hitting the to people he then that back into the car and sped away and witnesses describe the cries of black honda sedan. police are searching for a gunman who fired shots off inside the bart station san leandro. the station shut down for a few hours last night's received reports of shooting a concourse level which is before 10:00 and luckily no one was injured. in san jose homeless campers weaken the way back to a park after being evicted nine days ago. the homeless camps this become a health and fire hazard officials say. teams can an offering temporary housing and drug treatment and after 24 are known as they came in and evicted everyone and those that didn't leave the had to leave their stuck behind 5 t of trash was taken out after the eviction and that in the past six months neighbors said had an increase in crime from the homeless and more than a dozen
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fires with 4 fires started in just the last few days and that has some neighbors. it may be retribution for the eviction. could also increase crime from the home was coming to the committees to the thing to breaking into things. the san jose police sgt told us of the stock take a lead role in affecting but they're only there to assist other agencies coming to shut down in the encampment. and that policy as neighbors feeling like they don't have anyone to turn to. what sam to cisco's popular medical marijuana dispensaries will close their doors for good on tuesday. part of the ongoing war on medical marijuana dispensaries in california. the a vapor room has been a mainstay of heat streak since 2004 and in a letter last month the u.s. attorney for and seize the property the possible jail time for the owners. the reason is it's too close to a playground. the cough and a republican party
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backing off and add tension to pursue a voter i.d. initiative. here in california the party is nearly three $9,000 in debt. the former spokeswoman who is just let off the party said the state gop simply does not have the money to undertake such an expensive and controversial campaign. it would require approval plus for the board of directors the gop. a new voter idea on pennsylvania this center of an ill effect. challenger's believe it sibley attempt to tried to suppress votes from minority groups explain the hundreds of thousands of people say they could be affected. i think it should direct to vote that's the way i feel about it. will the 93 year-old has been voting in presidential elections since 1944. the 1960's she once marched for voting rights with more in the the king the under pennsylvania
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voter i.d. law she may not be able to vote in november. among a few minutes dozen registered voters according to estimates by pennsylvania officials don't have an acceptable photo id. what about a drivers license and never driven a car my life and never wanted to. because of an imminent birth certificate is not apple which is not been able to the government friday now the lead plaintiff challenging the new law. apple what it believes the total idea approved by republican legislature and governor is aimed at suppressing the foot of minorities who turned up in record numbers for president obama in 2008. greta they don't want him in there and they're trying to get knocked them will get a lot is of the black people don't vote for him he's crippled.
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recent comments by the republican leader of the state legislature. greta voter i.d. that " the governor to win the state of pennsylvania done. since 2011 and a distinctive passed the federal id laws aimed at stopping voter fraud. the still in the past five years kansases prosecuted on the handful of voter fraud cases in pennsylvania none which is why christopher the election judge when pennsylvania precinct doesn't plan on enforcing the law. you don't believe the voters impersonation is a problem out of believe it's ever been a problem. i think it's about suppressing folks of violating people's civil rights. she got the rights for some of long ago. it upsets me. we're the trial to start the pennsylvania football i do not expected to last another week that even after the judge decides appeals could last beyond november's election.
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will the republican presidential candidate running at with top israeli officials earlier today in jerusalem. it warm welcome from the prime minister who says he agrees with the stands but from the city is zero tolerance policy toward iran a ticket ability to build a nuclear weapon. i feel it is unacceptable for iran to become a nuclear arms nation and the threat it posed israel and to the region and to the world is incomparable and unacceptable next to us at a to a fund- raiser with top american supporters in israel. it just got back from a trip to london as well and think what you're a lot more about that from you later. mean while hits and misses for the tech startups in the bay area looking at companies were still hot and those that are
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not. but a closer look at the provision of health care reform law and not connected to the sale of homes. a typical summer day under way in the bay area fairly mild for sunday but just wait till the week comes.
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so far flown under the radar for most people but obesity now let's flooded the internet claims a provision in the health care reform law attacks to the sale of homes. a closer look at the 3.8 tax will really work and who will pay for it.
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they're talking about the new 3.8 percent tax that's part of the recently upheld health care reform act. the revenue increase to go toward medicare cost but there's a lot of confusion about it. 1 e-mail thats been why the circulated that says if you sell your home for $40,000 he will incur an additional tax of 15,000 to one of dollars on the sale. and that's simply not true. the with a tax works is that first the seller of all, must make at least to $1,000 a year if they're single. tune of 50,000 for couples and if the seller meet the income threshold the tax still will apply to the first $250,000 in
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profits made on the sale. that's if they're single and 500,000 for married couples. greta your principal residence has to appreciate substantially in order for the principal residence to trigger the tax. i think it's another dissenter tax because the property being there are skeptics the listing agent said many sellers in the bay area still stand to make and it's of thousands of dollars in the sale of the home. when the read the legislation if there's no initially affect 3% public could affect the larger or prior amount of home owners in the future. you cannot keep on going back to the same well over and over again greta could apply to more people in the future in congress cannot amend the law congress is frequently tinkering with the tax law. with the talks would take effect in january and backers of the health care reform hope that
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will generate to it $10 billion. if you the story itea log on to cbs san francisco dot com. taking a look out there at the weather. is the fog still out there? a live look at the called in gate bridge it's hanging around but there are also marathon runners there in the picture. the sentences, going on as we speak. the temperatures in the '50s and today of a ship to be pretty similar to yesterday with the big warmup later in the week. good morning. we're off to a fairly typical summertime sunday for the bay area for this time of year.
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in the forecast low pressure in the gulf of alaska keeping things on the relatively mild side. usual solo cloud cover to start off with an and sun and wind and a little warming trend for the bay area. out the door the slowing of cloud cover among the coast some low cloud cover of the bay bridge and and and those will dissipate first and taken on pratt the beach in illinois are with us the senate today in the early coming and 60 degrees. overnight the fog and low cloud cover forecast along the shore all pulled back by about noon today except along the shoreline of san mateo county and san francisco. pulling back into the show tonight keeping things cool for the beach for most of the day today. they stopped a little bit over yesterday's highs in the custody in the mid-60s around the bay in the upper seventies in england
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and the warmer spots in the upper 80s. if you're headed out tomorrow the airport western priest at the mosque are with cloud cover in afternoon sunshine and if you're headed down to the southland looks good los angeles afflicted with the look of covered as well. in denver has thunderstorms the forecast in chicago and new york look ok. the pinpoint forecasts overnight lows in most cases in the '50s tonight. the south bay will look for powell to be at 78 to freeze and morgan hill 84 in san jose tops out of 80 degrees in the east bay things get really warmer and of brentwood and antioch in pittsburgh. in sonoma 81 in santa rosa up to
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84 trees looking at and killed been 79. and the five differ castings a warm-up. the low 90s by thursday things will peak of an expected cooling itself but to clear to. have a great sunday. of all the hype over the text turn up from one hits and misses returned to the san francisco chronicle reporter we were talking earlier honor broadcast that at this point with tech companies not selling products but us. quitter and that's the big unknown. that's of makes it interesting covering tactic is to do with wind happen next the you know what kind of tech company will come up and the blue. and there are megatrends out there would find it fascinating. tech and facebook stood out with the idea of capture people's
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attention to and people surf and the computers for chorus and a couple of minutes ago plot that cellphone. the riposted on facebook now explain to me how facebook plans to sell me a vacation and valley of the phone person sending as big as the screen. then it turned acidification the to slow decreed a platform for other developers and companies to come in and said the rift. and that's to vacations in the valley and such. or music. a total of most popular applications on music is the music application. we share the news ♪ into a to friends. portal for advertisers but the problem is most pleased to be on home computers with a big screen and plenty of room for advertisements and on the mobile device is not the room for it. so another sponsored stories.
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all new ad format to trying out it moves along with the wall of the wall of postage have been facebook and it will show opener talking about it your favorite subject to your more apt to a buy something. groups grade of two laptops everyone in the coffee shop looking at stuff and now to your hand held and had held sales are slumping. apple had a slow down there it and whether the hit and miss is? apple as a whole different category. the i-phone sales slowed down a lot of people think because people are waiting for the next version we for the latest greatest and the " come out to a leader in the your baby. apple still made $8 billion in profits so they're not a feeling company. we have to the to sue next products to come up to see if
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there's any trends there. but the more than cell phones nokia took a hit because they work into it as quick the trends change. and as a going to morphing into the new age of the ever smaller screen who are the winners and losers? it's so hard to tell the dippy so we could go in the senate chronicle about how companies rethink one day are these giant a run for ever disappear in three or four years. the next facebook out there will not look like facebook is today will be something totally different. as to some people moving from myspace to facebook because it's so uncool right now and then facebook is probably going to be in that situation eventually as well. " nordbanken warmer on the jobs
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and dollars to continue to flow on everything from our house what is that? and twitter they will have three dozen employees but and us will there be where they will be in three years. they could be bought up by apple for all we know where something will replace them. government to talk about this before governments have to be a little more nimble to may be adjusted trendsetter coming up that they know of and that they don't know yet. the will always been the company ready to step in absolutely. yahoo at one time was a big player in web portals and suddenly it's got to a bunch of ceos trying to figure things out. with the san francisco chronicle thanks for joining us. a new post in the sun facebook as we speak.
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greatcoat if you're out in the life of someone looking person or maybe a group of lottery ticket in fremont is about to change. this can the storm will let avenue sold on mega millions
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ticket that matched all six numbers. and the jackpot is $52 million. the rivalry continues as ryan goes up against the raining award winner clayton millis angeles dodgers at at&t park. and can anybody stop the hottest team in baseball. the oakland athletics with more and sports. the giants placed, but send all on display with the injury. it's his second trip to the this season. making a giants debut at third base and one for three and that had four hits and clinic to run home run the dodgers beat the giants 10 to nothing and no one came back going to the speed but a today. baba wondering who's contemplated in the money policy
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" he hit his 15th home run the a's beat the orioles a 6 to one winning 16 to 19 to move ahead in just for the top wild card spot. the other big events across the pond to senior british open shooting a 64 to get within one stroke headed into the final round. and the ls stephen in san jose and the men of the hour came the home crowd even richer but with a game-tying goal late in stoppage time finishing a 1 to 1 tie in san as interest place. and that's a look at sports. hidden money fund and it comes to the state park system the group is upset of the surplus scandal. london organizers want to know whether seen rows of empty seats and the big events. " new concerns for south bay homeowners as people return to a homeless camp.
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>> the battle is underway, the syrian president's regime is trying to bring control to the commercial hub in that city from rebels and they're using extreme power. >> i am concerned to come home at night, i'm concerned that the increase crime rate we have bad. >> they thought police heads of
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the problem but that is not the case anymore. >> they are off, tens of thousands of runners hit the streets of san francisco for the marathon. welcome back to the weekend early edition. we have developing new this >> we want to show you the picture of the girl involved in an amber alert that we've been talking about. a teenage girl named unisys serrano of monterey county. 5 ft. 5 in., 135 lbs. and police are looking for her across the state of california. she was last seen wearing a blue and white shirt with a pink jacket and a suspect in the abduction is a man named juan miguel salazar jr., 5 ft. 8 in. 150 lbs. usually wearing eyeglasses. police are looking for a blue chevrolet tahoe with a license
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plate seen on your screen. >> former state parks official at the center of a vacation buyout scandal is also being accused of sexual harassment >> the chronicle reporting that manuel lopez is named in a lawsuit and a former employee claimed that lopez sexually harassed her at work after she complained about the treatment of two other women. he resigned in may after an investigation revealed he spearheaded an unauthorized vacation buyout program. homeless campers are making their way back to a san jose park. it had become a health and fire hazard and neighbors had complained but it did not take long for some of the former campers to come back. >> camp sites like this are illegal in kelley park but for the homeless, they have deemed it irresistible and neighbors say dangerous >> as you see, we have had more
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than a dozen fires out here in the last six months and we have had problems with increased crime from the homeless, stealing things in breaking into things >> he says the latest fires came early in the day and neighbors are worried. >> this is right against the front of our houses and i am concerned to come home at night and i'm concerned with the increased crime >> recently city workers offered temporary housing, job help and drug treatment but after a 24 hour notice he evicted those who did not leave and remove five and a half tons of trash. >> that was on a thursday and the following monday the began moving back in because the police refused to patrol the area >> in san jose sergeant told us that police do not take a leading role in evicting homeless, only to assist when and other agencies shuts down and encampment. he says he cannot say for sure if homeless are responsible for what is going on but he does say
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that when they were not here things calmed down and now that some are back, things are heating up. with two fires in one day and fears that those evicted are setting them for retribution, neighbors say they have nowhere to turn. >> we will take a live look at republican presidential hopeful mitt romney who is in jerusalem right now. he met with top israeli officials to discuss his aggressive stance towards iran. he said he has a zero tolerance policy towards iran gaining the capability to build nuclear weapons and a u.s. attack should be " on the table ". he says he will also be doing some fund-raising. >> thank you. thank you, thank you so much.
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thank you. and thank you for your kind introduction, mayor, and thinking for the warm welcome. it is a pleasure and a privilege to be in israel again into see so many dear friends. to step foot into israel is to step foot into a nation that began with an ancient promise made in this land, the jewish people persisted for one of the most monstrous crimes in human history and now the nation has come to take its place among the most impressive democracies on earth. israel's achievements are a wonder of the modern world. these achievements are a tribute to the resilience of the israeli people. you have managed against all odds time and again throughout history to persevere, to rise up >> that is presidential candidate mitt romney live in jerusalem speaking to a gathering. he is on a combination fact-
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finding and fund-raising trip >> government troops are trying to regain control of syria's largest city and commercial hub. there is extreme schelling said to be taking place in areas seized by rebels after they were routed from the capital of damascus >> london police say they have arrested more than 180 people on bikes trying to breach security at the olympic games in the opening ceremony by trying to cross the river that was blocked off >> cyclists defied police and in the meantime, the games are going on. olympic organizers say they're working right now to find out why so many seats are empty at premier events, full rows of seats sitting empty at some of them. they say most of the no-shows' were guests of corporate sponsors. michael phelps came in fourth
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place in the 400 individual medley and the winner was thelochte. the san francisco marathon is still going on, a live look at the golden gate bridge. it is known for its beautiful scenic views and it is the only race that runs on the roadbed of the golden gate bridge. the race began at the ferry building, and runs on the embarcadero through golden gate park. the pictures you're looking at i'm told are actually not life. most of the runners have made it past that point and they're finishing in front of cupid's arrow on the embarcadero. the weather forecast is coming up. >> a new water fight between southern california and northern california. how the water, plants might affect bay area communities. >> more fallout from the state
9:07 am
park surplus scandal. first, the search is on for bay area zombies. why people are being asked to hunt for bizarre behavior. >> we get off to a typical summer start but things will be changing. a slight warming trend is under way and things will heat up again by tuesday. all the details coming up when we cover the weather
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>> despite training well, these are rough times for honeybees to have been dying for years. a few months back researchers in san francisco identified a new suspect. they're now asking for your help in building the case. >> for about seven years now, colony collapse disorder has been wiping out beehives across north america. >> i lost one in my own backyard recently >> researchers have been looking everywhere for answers >> diseases and viruses or
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exposure to pesticides >> a biology professor from san francisco state might have another piece of the puzzle right out of aliens >> a very small fly finds a honeybee, lands on its abdomen and inserts a into the b and they hatch into little maggots inside the beat. >> this is bad news for the honeybee. >> rather than doing things honeybee should do to fly around and pick up nectar, they leave at night and fly around and they don't come back. >> call them zombies. to learn more, he and his team are tracking honeybee's any way they can like litter size tags. >> he basically get a good idea of when the honeybee was an accident or entering the hive >> this is the entrance to the hive which is inside the building >> nancy ellis works for san francisco recreation and parks
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>> atypical hive will pretty much shut down at 530 or 6 in the afternoon >> if honeybees' go out for dinner they're probably not coming back >> bid just physically can't do it >> this is where you come in >> we're asking citizens scientists and beekeepers and others to get involved in looking for this unusual behavior >> so what is the behavior? >> flying around your porch light or flying into your house on a warm night with a window open >> send your findings and even your dead specimens to zombie watch gotorg and with even more evidence we might get more answers >> this could certainly be one factor and we are trying to figure out how important it is. >> if you want to learn more about how to identify them and report them you can go to and click on links and numbers. >> we have patchy fog around the
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bay this morning. >> sunny skies will prevail later in the day. the sun is moving through the clouds as we speak. highs in the '70s and '80s but right now we're in the upper 50s around most of the bay area. here is brian hackney with the rest of the pinpoint forecasts. >> we're off to a fairly typical summertime sunday for the bay area. some fog and low clouds along the shoreline. relatively mild but we will have the usual low clouds to start with and then sunny in land and a little bit of a warming trend for the bay area. out the door this morning, clouds along the coast, some low clouds along the bay pushing inland.
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it will take longer at the beach. on future cast, this is how it looked last night. low clouds and fog forecast along the shore. they all pulled back by around noon except along the shoreline of san mateo and san francisco city and county. with high pressure reasserting itself, things will warm up a little bit over yesterday's high temperatures. if you're heading out tomorrow, san francisco westerly wind at 30 m.p.h.. if you're headed to the southland, it looks good. low clouds in l.a.. chicago, new york city, looked ok.
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overnight lows, most locations in the '50s. 57 at fairfield. 56 at san jose and 58 in mountain view. san jose tops out at 80 degrees. in the east bay things will be getting warm in pittsburgh. 87 in san ramon. livermore tops out at 87 degrees. 81 in sonoma, 82 in petaluma. we will be looking for things to warm up, look at monday tuesday and wednesday with low 90s. by thursday at things will peak and by next week and we will cool off a degree or two. have a great sunday. >> governor brown is pushing a
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massive plan to move water from the sacramento river to southern california. >> we have farmers, fish, environmentalists, citizens, and we need to make it work somehow. i want to get it done and i want to get this thing done the best i can >> along with the fed see is proposing a 35 mi. long twin tunnel from the sacramento river to tracy with the idea to send water to homes in l.a. and farmers in the central valley. >> it also calls for the restoration of delta habitats >> the estimated price tag is about $23 million or more. this morning we sat down with a skeptic who is the assistant manager of the contra costa water district will really be affected by this. i asked him how this plan
9:17 am
differs from the peripheral canal that was proposed and blocked in the 1980's. >> that was 25,000 cubic foot per second canal that would do the same thing taking water from the north to the south. this morning, the flow in the sacramento river is about 21,000 cubic feet per second. reposal is to use tunnel's instead of a canal and go under the delta and 9000 cubic feet per second so it is considerably size down but the most important thing about the plan is how it would be operated and that is unspecified. we don't know how would be operated, we don't know yet what the water supply benefit to southern california is. the current plan could even give them less water than they get now which makes you wonder why they would spend 15 or $20 million to get less water so they don't have the certainty that they wanted when they started the plan six years ago. there are a lot of unknowns
9:18 am
about this. >> is it smart to be giving our water to people for their lawn and swimming pools? that is what irritates people >> it does, but i would like to remind people in the bay area that while the metropolitan water district in southern california takes about 1.5 million a. per feet out of the delta, the bay area takes about the same amount so we are both doing the same thing. >> the second part, water is so volatile, it is gold in california. we don't want to give it away. the other thing is the question of how it will affect the delta because the delta already has salt water flowed into it, our build up around it has endangered fish, and it depends on fresh water coming in from
9:19 am
the sacramento river. if you start diverting that water, what affect will have? >> that is the problem, studies show that it will increase salinity in the delta which affects us. we have recently written a letter to the secretary alerting him to the fact that there are preliminary documents that have ignored that and we're very concerned that the environmental documents coming out fully disclose impact on the contra costa water district and felipe mitigate them. what they've done so far is essentially not disclose them and proposed mitigation that has more studies and that is just long >> it was fascinating when the governor unveiled his plan, he said we would build to a 35 mi. long tunnels, these are bigger than the caldecott tunnel, this is a massive undertaking and they don't even have it penciled out completely with the cost >> that is part of the problem, if everybody agreed on this
9:20 am
today it would take them two or three years to get going and then seven years to build it so the best case scenario is 10 years away. in the meantime we have not solved any of the problems in the delta. there is finally a coalition of water users that depend on the delta working together to try to get levee protection going, projects that will help the delta today because even if this were to solve all the problems, it is 10 years away and we don't have to in years. >> who pays for this? >> the water users to get the water say they will pay for it although if you read carefully, their reactions to the governor's announcement, they are backing off a little bit saying it is great that the governor did this but we want to see what we will get before we sign on. if they're going to pay, they want to know what they will get. >> and we want to know what we will lose. >> coming up, more groups
9:21 am
sounding off on the state park surplus >> also, who wants to make sure donation
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>> a budget surplus for state parks has allot of nonprofit groups fuming. one group to raise $55,000 to save annabel state park says it feels betrayed >> we're really profoundly disappointed that so much effort would be gone on a closure process over a few years only to find that, you know, it was like, we're just kidding >> the group is working on filing requests to get their money back and they want to give it to the sonoma county regional parks instead, which is taking control of animal park. gov. brown's administration took a big hit from the scandals
9:24 am
>> we learned to lt. gov. gavin newsom and former mayor willie brown, the first question is the discovery of that money, does it lead to questions about the credibility of the budget process? >> keep in mind, in spite of the fact that you had that kind of thing surface, you did not see a quote directly from jerry brown anywhere. we've been talking about the surrogates' doing old dance and now we the public reference jerry brown but believe me, in terms of the delivery system, jerry brown is out there with us criticize are so >> but you know you have money out there >> the difference is that the money was not spent, it was saved. it is counter to what we're used to. we were asking the private sector to step up so it is a difference, no one stole any money >> put the idea it was saved
9:25 am
away and people were out there contributing their money and then to turn around and go you have this money and you're asking us for money, i'm not saying it was criminal but it is a pr nightmare >> the question is is every special fund similarly audited or inaccurately reported? >> probably >> let me just say this, there are special funds that exist, i hate to break it but there have not been this kind of surplus. when you put budgets together there are special funds that are there when you need them that the executive branch is quite familiar with at times when you need them the most >> as mayor turnaround and go, it you have this in and you didn't tell me about it? >> it happened with my homeless fund at the end of my administration. >> all of a sudden this money
9:26 am
that we were not even familiar with >> the difference in my administration is that i never required accountability, operated on the assumption that it was there. >>
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happy birthday! thank you, nana send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay. all you need is an email address or mobile number. you're welcome. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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>> here's a quick look at this morning's top stories >> want to show this girl's picture again, there is an amber alert in effect for this girl from monterey county, 16 years old, 5 ft. 5 in. but 135 lbs. last seen wearing a blue and white shirt pink jacket blue jeans and sandals >> mitt romney is in jerusalem
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